Founded in 2004 in Regensburg, Germany, the firm was established as a partnership by attorneys Ronald Hofmann, Markus Huesmann and Jörg Sodan. All three partners have extensive experience in legal practice.

Each of the partners has a specialization, which are in the areas of business law, family law and criminal law.

As a result of our specializations, we offer expert advice on most areas of the law. Our comprehensive networking of different departments, allows us to work on multi-disciplinary cases. Due to our many co-operative partners, whose advice on their speciality areas we consult on your behalf, we can support you with your legal needs.

Our clients are the heart of our legal and advisory service. Right from the start, a detailed examination of the case ensures that your goals and interests are clearly defined, so that all further steps in the legal process can be aligned. In order to achieve the optimal solution for you, we take into consideration the economic and social aspects of the legal analysis. We know that litigation costs time, money and maybe even nerves. Our goal is to initially avoid legal disputes through quality advice and if possible to agree on an out of court solution.
In terms of payment, various arrangements of terms and pricing models can be considered, which can be tailored to each specific case, that will be clearly agreed upon from the beginning of our working relationship.

In addition to serving our clients with cases involving the German legal system, another focus of the firm is advising companies on international business transfer. We can legally support German companies that have an interest in the developing market of the CIS countries and the growing African market, and vice versa of foreign companies wishing to invest in Germany.

Dr. Hofmann, Huesmann and Sodan have all spent extensive times abroad in the Russian Federation, Israel and Africa, and have created contacts and gained valuable knowledge of these countries. This enables us to support such investments right from the word go.

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